Maximum compatibility

be-ia is compatible with all ultrasound scanners on the market. Thanks to be-ia you can achieve incredible results without having to invest year after year in renewing your ultrasound scanner.

be-ia’s revolutionary technology is within your clinic’s reach. Discover what be-ia can do for you and get these incredible results for your clients, improving your clinic experience.

Incredible results

The software detects the baby’s face in the ultrasound in different positions and performs an enhancement and resolution process: eliminating the parts of the image with amniotic fluid, placenta, etc, improving the colour and textures of the ultrasound, thus providing a hyper-realistic image of the baby’s face.

be-ia is a computer vision and artificial intelligence based software that improves the image quality of ultrasound scans of babies in the foetal stage. All these features allow you to have a realistic view of the future baby’s face, creating a unique experience for future parents.

The future at your fingertips

With be-ia you will be able to anticipate the future. You will be able to offer your clients a very accurate picture of what the baby will look like before birth. In addition, you will ensure that your clinic is at the forefront of technology.

be-ia is technology for the new generations