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Emotional ultrasound is a new generation technique for non-diagnostic observation of the baby, which aims to strengthen the maternal bond during pregnancy. Although its only diagnostic value is as a complementary tool, it has a great emotional impact.

Our novel device brings a greater sense of realism to the images obtained through the ultrasound scanner, using Artificial Intelligence capable of processing hyper-realistic images of the baby’s face in a matter of milliseconds.

One of a kind in the industry

Nowadays there are many companies that opt for 3D, 4D or 5D ultrasound and even talk about 8K images. At be-ia we want to move away from these concepts to give way to true emotional ultrasound. Our system is unique: be-ia’s processing creates the hyper-realistic image of the foetus in milliseconds. Your customers will be able to see the baby’s face on any device with almost no waiting time and in unprecedented levels of detail.

Industry leaders

We are an industry first, providing the only device with computer vision and artificial intelligence software on the market that can process real-time, hyper-realistic quality 3D volumetric images of the baby’s face from an ultrasound scanner.

be-ia’s innovation is an unprecedented revolution in prenatal ultrasound, taking the technology to a new level.

La mejor ecografía prenatal / ecografia hiperrealista
pantalla be·ia con el fondo negro / la mejor ecografía prenatal

No more investments in ultrasound scanners

We proudly offer you a unique, high quality system. Be-ia lets you process any 3D-4D and 5D volumetric image on the market. You will get a hyper-realistic image of your baby in just seconds.

Forget about regularly investing in ultrasound scanners in search of new technical improvements in baby facial image processing. be-ia’s processing technology is all you need.

The ultimate solution

Quality and speed go hand in hand with be-ia.

The high demand for prenatal and emotional ultrasound scans makes it essential to have be-ia in your clinic, providing a definitive solution in hyper-real imaging without waiting.

Be-ia offers fast, high quality images on any device. Check out how be-ia can enhance the experience your clinic offers to the public, creating lifelong bonds and satisfied customers.

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